Disney Animal Kingdom ticket options

Animal Kingdom Theme Park is one of the four Disney Theme Parks located in and around Orlando, Florida. Animal Kingdom theme park is the world’s largest theme park, covering five hundred and eighty acres. The park is built around and dedicated to the natural environment and animal conservation. The symbol of the park is the Tree of Life, a one hundred forty-five foot tall and fifty feet wide sculpted baob tree.

Ticket prices vary if you buy them at the gate the date you plan to enter the park. If you buy them ahead of time a two-day ticket for ages ten and up for one park, starts at $199.00. A two-day Park Hopper ticket which allows you to travel to all four Disney parks starts at $259.00.

Once inside The Animal Kingdom Theme Park there are many attractions, rides, shows and dining options. One of the biggest draws is the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, a guided tour through an African savannah where you can see wild animals in a natural habitat. If you prefer a water ride, then Kali River Rapids is what you are looking for. This raft ride takes you through jungle landscapes. On Expedition Everest you are evading the Yeti while zooming through the Himalaya Mountains. At the Flights of Wonder, you can watch exotic birds soar. The Maharaja Jungle Trek is a chance to walk through tropical trees and see mystical ruins and jungle animals. The Primeval Whirl is a dinosaur themed carnival roller coaster.

The main audience for The Animal Kingdom Theme Park is vast. Animal lovers are the obvious audience, but families with children and people of all ages can enjoy the park as well. Dining options are vast as with any Disney park, there are quick service choices including Flame Tree Barbecue and Pizzafari. The most coveted table service restaurant is probably the Rainforest Cafe which offers a rainforest theme complete with animated animals and thunderstorms inside the restaurant. This is a wonderful family restaurant sure to mesmerize smaller children and entertain the rest of the party as well.

As with any Disney park, the biggest tip to remember before you go is to plan ahead. For example, The Rainforest Cafe requires a reservation to be seated. You should check peak wait times as well for line lengths and research how to acquire and use the Fast Pass system.

Expectations of Animal Kingdom

In today’s world, everyone is always busy, moms and dads are both working, the kids have activities, practice, and games. The best way to escape your hectic lives that are rushed and full of stress is to take a good old family vacation. Amusement parks offer fun, excitement, and a way to bond as a family. Animal Kingdom is a Walt Disney World amusement park that all families love.

Animal Kingdom offers a unique experience for animal lovers and families of all ages. Upon entering the gates of Animal Kingdom, you are leaving your stress and worries behind, and entering a magical fantasy world. Here, you will encounter animals you have only seen on tv and in movies. Rare animals that you would never have seen if not for the Animal Kingdom theme park roam about in front of your eyes. For the kids and thrill seekers, exciting amusement park rides are scattered about to add to the fun your family will have. The only obstacle you will have to overcome is getting the family to leave when the day is done.


Animal Kingdom is full of attractions and excitement. The children with be overcome with awe when they experience this delightful amusement park and come face to face with their favorite animals. Beautiful butterflies, ancient dinosaurs, African elephants, tall giraffes, enchanting gorillas, and much more is awaiting your family. Only at Animal Kingdom will your family experience the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, the Legend of the Forbidden Mountain or the Kilimanjaro Safaris. There are so many wonderful attractions in one place that you will want to spend more than one day with your family here. Animal Kingdom is an excellent way to bring your family together as a group, to create conversations, to bond, and to educate the little ones on the majestic animals of the past and present.

Of course, during an adventurous day of bonding, animal watching, walking, and having loads of fun, you will need to find someplace to eat. Animal Kingdom is full of different eateries that your family will love.